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YES or NO can not capture complex and ambiguous questions in science and politics.

WHYS can.

WHYS gives you the context.

WHYS demo video

MANAGE arbitrary complexity efficiently,

IDENTIFY key concepts in seconds,

EXPLORE every last detail,


The sheer amount of information that pours in today drowns out important arguments. So we boil hugely consequential debates like Brexit down to yes-or-no questions. We do this because we can’t identify the key concepts.

With WHYS, we can.

WHYS is a decision support tool. No matter how big or ambiguous a topic, it enables decision-makers to see the essential in seconds and to comprehend the reasoning behind each bit of information.

WHYS does that by visually representing Context. Our vision is massively superior to our reading speed, and WHYS is a fundamentally new system that encodes all quantitative relational information visually. This way, it allows users to identify information more than ten times faster than text (validated in a series of experiments).
But bkeyond that, WHYS makes completely new ways of interacting with data possible: The software can represent change over time, allows data analysis with incredibly simple means, and one single slider is enough to drill down into the key concepts.

WHYS can help politicians manage decisions as complicated as Brexit. It can help entire organisations by creating an informational infrastructure more efficient than emails, reports, or meetings. WHYS helps managers to stay on top of things and reduces redundancies by keeping employees up to date with relevant developments. It can help doctors identify the ideal treatment for a patient, or researchers build complex interdependent systems.

WHYS allows decision-makers to get to the bottom of things much faster. WHYS has the potential to fundamentally impact how we interact with information, resonating globally in the way we make decisions, understand the context, do research, and act.

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